Charlotte Kemp Bio

Who am I and why do I do this work?

What is Futures Thinking?

Futures Thinking means to approach the future as a range of possible futures, to keep your thinking flexible and agile to respond to different scenarios and to actively consider the implications of changes you anticipate or changes you desire.

Futures Alchemist

Why I call myself a Futures Alchemist, and what it means for your organisation.

The Other Charlotte Kemps

In the event that you are curious, or you found me by accident searching for one of them …

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a fictitious historical era, sort of based around Victorian times and themed with lots of leather, lace, cogs and gears. The focus is on a collaborative future where curious people can create the tools they need to design the life they want. I use this as the theme for my futures work. 

What can a Futurist do for me?

 A Futurist helps you to identify the futures issues that will affect your business and find ways to respond appropriately. Using Futures Thinking we help people think about the future based on models and intelligence, rather than opinion and perception. Better data. Less emotion. More success.

Why the Future?