Books by Charlotte Kemp

Books by Charlotte Kemp

Futures Alchemist

Futures Alchemist by Charlotte Kemp

Using the Map, Compass and Guide model, this narrative explains how we can approach and craft our futures.

Conscious Futurist

Conscious Futurist ebook Charlotte Kemp buy the book

We are all natural futurists, but we can become better, more conscious futurists by applying some intention and scaling the Conscious Futurist Spiral.


Pivot to Present

Bob Hooey Pivot to Present

Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey compiled contributions from his speaker colleagues around the world, on insights about how we pivoted to online work during the pandemic.


Futures Keynotes

Choose from a series of keynotes about the future or have a message designed specifically for your audience's needs

Online Courses

Learn futures literacy, futures thinking, and strategic foresight, at your own pace.

Workshops & Programmes

From Futures Literacy workshops to advanced strategic foresight programmes, public or in-house, online or in-person.

Futures Thinking Guide

Coaching for leaders and association executives who need to accelerate their learning to lead their teams.