Calculating Your Speaker Quotient

The Kemp-Wade Forumla

A mathematical approach to developing a stellar speaking career with higher fees and greater impact.

Professional speaking was, until recent times, restricted to a relatively small group of professionals who dominated the stages of events and functions as they wielded their craft and wowed audiences around the world.


Then the markets started to open up and other, less skilled and less polished speakers, began to speak at the same events. Now we need some way of determining and improving our speaker quotient as professional speakers.


This book unpacks two parts of the formula of your Speaker Quotient:

Invested Career

  • Topic Expertise
  • Thought Leadership
  • Speaking Skill Set
  • Fame Value
  • Credibility from Recognised Sources
  • Negative Self Image
  • Imposer Syndrome

Client Value

  • Clarity on the Problem
  • Clarity on the Solution
  • Perceived Value of Results
  • Understanding the Client’s Industry
  • Poor Positioning
  • Past Performance

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