Values and Ethics

Know your values to create your future

How will we know what our preferred future is, without an understanding of what we value, what we believe in. It is a necessary philosophical exercise to discuss, explore and determine our values before we start designing the future. And these are some of my top values:


We need to realise just how much agency we have over the future so that we understand where we need to act, and when we need to react. Too many people feel like victims to an overwhelming future that they have absolutely no control over.



We can be more than we often give ourselves credit for. This is not about mindless acquisition or blind ambition or the grind or hustle. We can intentionally design beautiful, valuable lives that allow us to express what is uniquely human about us, and that goes beyond the daily grind.



To see a beautifully crafted work of art, whether it is a physical expression, an online video, a powerful message or the truest expression of parenthood, is to see someone who has invested more into the expression of their craft than anyone would ever realise. To me, that is priceless.



This isn’t normally on a list of values, but for me, alchemy is a search, a tireless passionate pursuit after transcendence. It is a perfect example of an investment in one’s craft to attain what is beyond the ordinary. It is an expression of the belief that we have agency over our future. And it is also a powerful example of the willingness to experiment, the openness to learn from others, and the power of co-creation when we bring certain elements together.