Associations Futures and Stategy

Helping your association’s leadership develop futures fit strategies to offer relevant advocacy and support to your membership and industry sector.


Using the Map, Compass and Guide model, we uncover your association problems, paint your futures picture, and then create a path to see that plan unfold. We focus on four areas that are most pivotal in the success and sustainability of your organisation.

Leadership – Who is on your team? What is their futures mindset and capacity? How robust is your succession plan?

Strategy – What is your strategy for coping with this, and the next crisis? How are you developing your anti-fragility for a VUCA world?

Membership – How are your members coping? Are your membership plans derailed by the pandemic? Do you have layers of value and engagement?

Advocacy – What is your real value to your members and sector? Would anyone notice if your association stopped operating, or are you essential?

Futures Literacy Associations


We cannot change the future, if we cannot read it. Futures Literacy is an essential professional development skill that all association executives should develop. This workshop is designed to create awareness of futures issues, the value of futures thinking and to introduce some easily transferable skills to your association leadership team.

As a benefit to your association board or executive leadership team, this workshop is presented at no charge.

Associations Future Fitness Assessment


As a leader you have to balance your eagerness to move forward with new ideas, innovation and progress, with your team’s ability to cope with change and integrate new concepts. You have to paint a picture, tell a story, encourage and educate. You need to stay ahead of them with new ideas while forging a path for them to follow.

Consider Futures Thinking Coaching to help you stay focused and motivated, and patient.

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Association Executives, especially for volunteer led associations, have huge demands on them even while managing their own businesses or company positions. With the experience of many volunteer led associations, and good futures models, I can assist you with content for chapter meetings, articles for newsletters, educational programs, membership drives, focus on leadership succession, advocacy and strategy all with a futures focused mindset that will help your association and your members, become more ready for the future.

Associations Futures Thinking Coaching


People often aspire to association leadership positions, because they are aware of the potential professional benefit to such prominent roles. However, running an association, and positioning it for the future, is not the same skill set as running a for profit business, especially when relying on volunteers to manage the bulk of the work.

Don’t let this role, which could be your defining moment, become a burden that frustrates you and undermines the rest of your efforts. Future Thinking Coaching, with a focus on association leadership, will help you make progress in both your personal and professional goals.