Conscious Futurist

Move towards a more conscious approach to designing the future.

Leadership Challenge

It is no longer enough to be a conscious leader. As we approach the third decade of the 21st Century, completely unprepared for the global disruption we have experienced, we need to be more than just invested leaders. We need to be more than responsible consumers. We need to become conscious futurists.

We have the opportunity to shape our lives, businesses and world, into something that is better than it was. If we only repair what has been broken, we will waste a perfect opportunity to recast the world into something more valuable, more sustainable, and more beneficial to more people and stakeholders.

Being a Conscious Futurist means you grasp the challenge to go beyond the obvious to design a better future.



Real Value

We are all Futurists

We are all futurists, but we are not all very good at it. Becoming a Conscious Futurist means learning skills and embracing values to become more effective at influencing the future.

Move up the Conscious Futurist Spiral

Move from Survival, through Responsible and Invested, to becoming a Conscious Futurist.

Business embraces Consciousness

Business is re-looking at the perceived values that have governed decision making. We now regularly encounter consciousness as part of the business conversation, including Conscious Capitalism, Conscious Consumption and of course, Conscious Leadership.

Uncover the business case for the future

Find opportunities for your company to innovate or stay relevant to your clients in a changing business landscape.

Protect your financial position

Companies led by conscious leaders have better employee retention and companies defined as conscious companies or B-Corp, are consistently and persistently profitable.

Learn from the best

Learn how the best companies find conscious ways to operate, and keep good company with them.

Use simple yet powerful tools

There are simple tools to start with that can be geared up to robust models to make changes in an organisation. First steps include Anticipating change, Preparing scenarios and Implementing initial decisions.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Learning to Read the Future, Today!