Projects in Africa

“Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.”

Miriam Makeba​
Voices Into Africa

Voices Into Africa

Throughout Africa, emerging entrepreneurs and innovative ideas are waiting for the opportunity to fully realise their full potential. The continent is on the cusp of an African revolution that will kick start the world powerhouse that is her African people.This will only be achieved through the identification and development of leaders: leaders who are equipped with the right tools, attitude, and experience to lead our people into the future years of the Africa revolution.

Voices into Africa has the vision to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we need to be with conventions, programmes, and applicable workshops, equipping the future business leaders, speakers and influencers of the continent of Africa.

Launching: 3 February 2023

Africa on the cusp of an economic miracle Jinka and Kemp

Africa: On the Cusp of an Economic Miracle

Documentary producer Yelang Prue Jinka has prepared a very persuasive white paper on 7 key areas where Africa has the potential to make huge economic strides.

She and I are working on turning this white paper into a book with stories, data and analysis to support these claims.

Publishing Due Date: July 2023

Africa's Futures Futurist Charlotte Kemp

Africa's Futures

We hear too few stories about the amazing futures work and ideas that are brewing in Africa.

In conjunction with a number of other futures thinking / strategic foresight colleagues who live and work in Africa, this book will share those stories. Many of the futurists involved in this project have advanced degrees in Strategic Foresight, are employed full time in this work and are members of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).

Publishing Due Date: July 2023

Pan African Speakers Conference 2023

Pan Africa Speakers Conference

Africa has a wealth of insightful, passionate, valuable speakers who come in many guises.

The Second Pan African Speakers Conference will be held in 2023 helping the speakers to connect with each other and the broader international speaking community, and to learn and support each other in raising our voices from Africa.

Date: June 2023

Speakers from Africa

#Speakers From Africa

From every country and in every discipline we will find a speaker sharing their expertise, somewhere in Africa.

The #SpeakersFromAfrica list is a simple project to shine a light on these amazing people.

You can find the videos on LinkedIn and the playlist on YouTube.

BWN Coaching Zambia

BWN Entrepreneur Coaching

For the second year I have been invited back to help train and coach the young entrepreneurs who have enrolled in the Brivip World Networks (BWN) Entrepreneur School.

These young entrepreneurs join a series of coaches twice a week to learn what they need to set up a successful business for themselves.

While the other coaches are there with them in Lusaka, Zambia, I coach online via Zoom and WhatsApp. Seeing some of these students succeed and graduate at last year's event was the inspiration I needed to volunteer again this year.