I'm Not Afraid of the F Word

50 Lessons Learned on the Way to Business Failure

While there are plenty of stories about business success, this book relates the story of a failure. During the anguish of losing a franchise retail business, Charlotte Kemp explored 50 lessons she learned from her experience, and she candidly shares these in this book.


In spite of the scary statistic that 4 out of 5 new small businesses go out of business within their first five years, thousands of people still willingly take the risky adventure every year.

The lessons are valuable for all small and medium sized business owners, whether starting gout of more established. It is also important for financial lending institutions to be aware of the challenges that small businesses face.

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Lesson Titles include:


  • Learn to Quit
  • Find the Silver Lining (but)
  • There are no Silver Bullets
  • Are we Preparing or Repairing?
  • Eat that Frog!
  • Know your numbers
  • Don’t be cheap
  • Learn to handle the incongruences
  • Don’t start!
  • Don’t wait!
  • Failing to consider the future