Podcasts and Interviews

The Disruptor's Hour

June 2023

Jennifer Nuya and I discussed futures thinking and how it leads to the kind of disruption we need. We also explored

  • Scenarios
  • Conscious Futures
  • Values

League of Visionaries Podcast

April 2023

Marie LeRoux and I had a fascinating conversation about

  • The Stages of Futures Thinking
  • Star Trek and the Future
  • Professional Speaking and the value to Visionaries
  • Afro-Optimism
  • Futures in Africa

Transacting Value Podcast with Josh Porthouse

April 2023

In this edition of the Transacting Value Podcast, Josh Porthouse explores with Charlotte, how our values affect the future that we create.

The Public Relations Podcast with Richard Midson

July 2022

In this edition of the Public Relations Podcast, Richard Midson discussed Charlotte’s early speaking career, overcoming failure and developing her own topics.

Learnability Show Ian Gibbs

The Learnability Show with Ian Gibbs

January 2022

What will your future be like and how well will you be prepared for it?

In this episode Ian Gibbs talks with Charlotte Kemp – Futures Alchemist about what futurists do, how she became one and what they do to help people.

Topics covered include
🔹 The myths about futurists
🔹 What value do they provide?
🔹 Premeditatio malorum
🔹 The Map, Compass and Guide of Futurists
🔹 The 7 Questions all consulting Futurists ask

Human Capital Innovation

Human Capital Innovations with Dr. Jonathan H. Westover

August 2021

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Charlotte Kemp about futures literacy and developing a futures thinking mindset. See the video on YouTube.