From FutureShock to PolyCrisis

Managing our Mental Health in the Future

We are more aware of the importance of our mental health than we have ever before, and just in time, as we face unprecedented threats to our state of mind.

The exponential nature of change and the intersection of so many perceived threats is not conducive to coping, let alone thriving, in the world today.

We need new approaches to our mental health.
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Overturning Shock and Crisis

In the 52 years since Toffler’s book was first published, the world has changed even more than he imagined, and the immediate effect of the interactions of seemingly unconnected crises has an impact on everything.

We have moved from a linear, local world, through an exponential, global world to a quantum world.

Developing a futures thinking mindset is the best response to our increasingly complex world. Without an intentional approach to how we think about the future, we remain buffeted by change instead of having power to craft our own preferred futures.

This keynote ...

Is Timely!

We cannot wait until we are ready.

Mental Models

Mental models are available to anticipate the future with hope instead of anxiety.

Practical Frameworks

Real and practical frameworks are available to reframe the current experience of change.


Instead of reeling in response to rapid changes, self-directed change and direction can be prepared.


This message is available as a keynote. It is perfect for

  • Helping your people reframe and cope with massive change
  • To recognise the very real concerns people have of world events and the impact on their own lives and careers
  • To prepare an organisation to respond, to rally, to move through these changes and be at the cutting edge of the future of your sector.
The book is also available to be co-branded (in print or virtual) for a conference or sponsor and to include additional contributions from the client.

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