Coaching for Futures Thinking

Guide your team towards the future with confidence

Less drama. More confidence.
Less anxiety. More opportunities.

You have a vision for the future.
Learn how to guide your team towards it too.

Leadership Challenges

If you feel overwhelmed in buzzword bingo, and with no one to talk with to clarify your ideas about the future, then this is the futures thinking coaching you need.

I know what it’s like to have bold and exciting plans for the future of an organisation, but to be stuck wrestling with short-term issues. You feel like you need to obscure some of your ambitions in case you scare your team. You are spinning your wheels with minor distractions, panic attacks and periodic issues, instead of making ripples across the world. And when you do try and explain your goals, they are taken as motivational exercises rather than concrete, actionable plans.


Understand Time

To read the future, we must have an understanding of the past and a respect for time.

Learn the Characteristics of the Future

Both Inbound and Outbound drivers influence the future, which can be defined as Possible, Plausible, Preferable and more.

Get a handle on change

Understanding how change happens, how we respond to it and how to work with change, is essential to embracing the future.


If we don’t know what we want from the future, it is very difficult to plan towards it and impossible to invite others into it.

There is a model to navigate the future

Our plans are not ephemeral. We can use tools to make them more concrete and actionable.

Like any problem that has a long term consequence – health, weight, financial success – small, initial changes can make a huge impact on where you will end up and a course correction now can save your business from ruin, or position you for success. Learning to read the future sooner rather than later.

I’ve been through this before. I have lost a business because I failed to act against anticipated threats to my company. I have had to reinvent myself twice in the course of my career. And I have worked with others who have gone through similar situations. The biggest lesson I learned through these business losses, is that our stories are so similar, and that it is only the number of zeros on the end of our problem, that is different. We can learn from other people’s failures, and we can put measures in place to avoid them.

It is a journey to the future

To illustrate this journey, I have chosen a set of tools contained in a compass, to help us find direction along a journey planned out on a map. I often hear two concerns, the first being that it’s impossible to tell the future and it’s a wasted effort. Well of course we aren’t trying to ‘tell’ the future. We aren’t fortune tellers, but there are models that can help us make better choices.

The second is the terminology. ’Strategic foresight’ may sound like a daunting phrase, but we all naturally do this every day. We look at trends, plan scenarios and choose a course of action. This is not too difficult to apply to our businesses. All we need is an awareness of the process and familiarity with the tools.

Protect your financial position

Companies led by futures conscious leaders have better employee retention, better PR and are consistently more profitable.

Learn from the best

Keep good company with the best organisations who manage change, navigate disruption and develop innovative responses to new challenges.

Use simple yet powerful tools

From simple tools to robust models, there are solutions to anticipate disruption, manage change and implement resilient scenario solutions.

Map, Compass & Guide

– A Map to understand our past, see our present clearer and determine on our preferred future.

– A Compass to give you direction toward the future by providing you with tools.

– A Guide to help you navigate this futures journey, in the same way that you will become the guide for the team leading change in your own organisation.

You created a methodology-revolution in my head! I feel empowered and excited. Charlotte is talented, funny, intuitive and succinct – loved every minute.
Claudia Coetzer Testimonial for Charlotte Kemp
Claudia Coetzer
Business Development Manager, New York, USA


This 3 month coaching process, in private, will give you:

  • The terminology and models to discuss futures conversations, innovation, disruption and strategic foresight in your company
  • The ability to identify trends and develop scenarios applicable to your business
  • The models to begin a process of reinvention for your team or organisation that will lead to financial and business success and sustainability
  • Ideas to develop innovative and profitable solutions in your business
  • My personal attention to support your futures journey

How this will work:

  • We will have 3 online meetings a month via Zoom.
  • You will receive 3 emails a month with content about models and methods to read and discuss.
  • We can exchange any number of emails during the period, to explore other questions or ideas you have about futures issues.
  • At the end of your 3 month journey you will receive a personal set of trends and scenarios that we have developed together applicable directly to your business.

The Investment

The coaching is 1,500 Euro (R24,000 in South Africa) for the three month period.

On completion of the coaching you will feel more confident discussing futures related topics, which will lead you to making better decisions for your business and for leading your team. You will be able to find those innovative nuances that will set you apart from your competition and position yourself to avoid disaster in the face of disruption.

In order to provide enough focus on clients and other work, I can only take a limited number of coaching clients at one time.