The future is huge! I try to narrow it down a little so that we can get a handle on our own areas of concern. Below are some of the topics I cover in my keynotes, books and workshops. Most of this relates to Futures Thinking but there are also some other areas that I am interested in. Let me know if you have an topic you want to explore.

Futures Topics

The exponential nature of change and the intersection of so many perceived threats is not conducive to coping, let alone thriving, in the world today.

We need new approaches to our mental health. 

Available as a book, webinar, online course and more.

If we do not understand the alphabet or the language of a country or a field, then we cannot communicate clearly in that space. We are unable to read the signs, hear the warnings, see the opportunities. We are illiterate and vulnerable.

Available as a book, webinar, online course and more.

We are all natural futurists. But with a little attention, we can become better at anticipating and preparing for the future. And with a little more intention, we can become more conscious futurists.

Available as a book, keynote and webinar. Online course coming soon.

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Available as a book, webinar, online course and more.

Other Topics

Co-written with Bruce Wade, this book is a formulaic approach to building your speaking career.

Available as a book on Amazon, or as a webinar for speaker associations on request.

50 Lessons Learned on the Way to Business Failure!

Only available as a book on Amazon.