Futures Alchemist – the book

Futures Alchemist - the Book

A narrative of how to use the Map, Compass and Guide, to craft your desired future.

The Story

Beth, 24, is a university graduate working in finance. Michael, 31, is an IT superstar with his own successful startup. Ian, 58, is a corporate HR manager. This unlikely group discover a Map, a Compass and a Guide in the Futures Alchemist, who heps them create their own future and find potential, meaning and relevance in their careers and businesses.

By telling their story, Charlotte Kemp, the Futures Alchemist, makes academic futures principles easy to understand and demonstrates how they can be applied by anyone for both personal progress as well as business success.

Map, Compass, Guide to the Future

Map, Compass, Guide

It is daunting to try and consider all the variables that could influence our futures.


To assist, we can use the Map – a landscape of time from our shared past, through the lenses of our present, to the multitude of futures.


The Compass encompasses the tools, models and formulae that we can use to plan for and perhaps influence the future.


Charlotte Kemp is your initial Guide, but the intention is to pass on skills, models and insights so that anyone has the opportunity to guide their teams into the future.