Reinvention – a story

Reinvention story Futurist Charlotte Kemp

As a professional speaker, I have the opportunity to sometimes hear a truly great speaker with a fantastic message. You might know the kind – its when the message and the experience stay with you months after others are forgotten. It is what I aspire to be. But the speaker I have in mind is […]

A Pre-meditation of Evils

Premeditatio malorum

Premeditatio malorum, a premeditation of evils, is the Stoic exercise of imagining what can go wrong. Think of it as the opposite of ‘positive thinking’ – the practice of negative thinking that allows us to imagine the worst, get all the emotion out of they way, and then begin preparations to either avoid or ameliorate […]

From History to the Future

History to future futures thinking Charlotte Kemp

History at school I was talking to a History teacher recently at a regular parent / teacher meeting. At some point I rather gushed that History was my favourite subject in school which prompted the teacher to ask me what I do now for a living. I answered, that I am a futurist.She didn’t think […]