Executive Coaching

For Positioning, Presentation and Possibilities

Leaders need to have certain skills to confidently and successfully take their organisations forward into the future. Charlotte Kemp can assist you and your leaders with coaching on either of these skill sets.
public speaking coaching

Public Speaking and Presentation

Being able to clearly and confidently articulate your organsation's goals, projects, vision or services is an essential skill for a successful leader. Poor speaking skills can undermine the best projects.

Learn how to:
- Clarify your message
- Speak in front of any audience
- Be convincing and persuasive
- Create presentations that sell
- Handle any audience

futures thinking coaching

Futures Thinking and Foresight

Visionary leaders take their companies further, more successfully and with fewer crises than leaders who do not have any foresight into the future. Thankfully this is a skill that can be learned and honed.

Learn how to:
- Understand Trends
- Manage Change
- Create scenarios
- Anticipate the future
- Prepare for opportunities and potential problems.

Be coached by the President of the Global Speakers Federation

Charlotte Kemp is an experienced professional speaker, past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, and current President of the Global Speakers Federation.

She has taught and coached many people over the years at various stages in their speaking journeys and helped them to improve their skills, look more professional, get business and position themselves internationally for more opportunities.

It was an absolute honour and bliss to be coached by Charlotte. She did not only help me articulated what I do in the most effective, punchy and straight to the point manner, but she was able to remind me of the reasons I started. I loved how she made my work to not only be professional but for it to be reflective of me and what I stand for. She is great, gives her attention, warm, good listener and easy to work with. I will recommend for anytime, I am a happy and thrilled client. Thank you!
Dikeledi Seleka
Professional Speaker, South Africa

Be coached by the Futures Alchemist, member of Association of Professional Futurists

Charlotte Kemp is a professional futurist and a member of the worldwide Association of Professional Futurists.

She has spoken widely, coached and written about various elements of futures thinking and foresight so that people could move their organisations towards their preferred futures and avoid potential disasters.

I have attended webinars hosted by Charlotte and I have found them to be detailed, insightful, and useful for both professionals as well as people who are just beginning their futures journey. I strongly recommend working with her and look forward to more learning events with her in the near future.
Umar Sheraz
Futurist, Pakisan
I am particularly grateful for Charlotte's unwavering support during my international speaking assignments. Whenever I have had a speaking engagement abroad, Charlotte has always taken the initiative to provide guidance and mentorship. This level of commitment and investment has immensely contributed to my growth and success.
Oliver Nshom
Oliver Nshom
Speaker, Cameroon
You created a methodology-revolution in my head! I feel empowered and excited. Charlotte is talented, funny, intuitive and succinct – loved every minute.
Claudia Coetzer Testimonial for Charlotte Kemp
Claudia Coetzer
Business Development Manager, New York, USA

2 x ROI

An investment in your leaders gives an ROI on their performance, as well as their teams, doubling the value of return on coaching.

Invest In Leaders

Leaders who are equipped with influential speaking skills, professional presentation skills and the confidence and clarity to communicate vision, show a return on investment of coaching, for themselves and for their company.

Invest in the Future

Leaders who can think about the future with a flexible, open mindset and are willing to consider alternatives, options and scenarios, can prepare their companies to weather the unknowns, the VUCA nature of the world today.

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Coaching or Workshops

Personalised programs can be outlined for your needs. Coaching can be done for individuals or for a group of people in a company.

Executive leaders, managers, and leadership development teams can benefit from focused coaching on these areas.

Coaching Investment

The coaching investment is very affordable. Please send an email to enquire about a meeting or more details.

There are discounts available for upfront payments, multiple delegates and non-profits.

Online or In Person

Making use of online platforms such as Zoom or Teams makes the coaching more affordable, but in person sessions can be arranged.

Motivation Letter

Should you wish to receive a Motivation Letter to reinforce your application for this coaching, please let me know relevant details and a letter will be prepared for you.