Futures Keynotes

These standard presentations can be tailored for your audience’s needs.

Futures Literacy

Learn the language of the future, how to read and interpret the signs and talk about new futures.

Overcoming the Nostalgia Narrative

If we idealise the past, we cannot learn from it nor embrace future opportunities.

Conscious Futurist

We are all futurists but we can be better futurists, and more conscious about the future we co-create.

Counter Trend Trend

Find your market niche in unusual places.

Futures Keynotes

Choose from a series of keynotes about the future or have a message designed specifically for your audience's needs

Online Courses

Learn futures literacy, futures thinking, and strategic foresight, at your own pace.

Workshops & Programmes

From Futures Literacy workshops to advanced strategic foresight programmes, public or in-house, online or in-person.

Futures Thinking Guide

Coaching for leaders and association executives who need to accelerate their learning to lead their teams.