Charlotte Kemp

Futurist Keynote Speaker & Association Futurist

Become the Conscious Futurist the World Needs Now

Keynote Speaker

Charlotte Kemp is a professional speaker and involved in the speaking industry.


As a futurist, Charlotte presents a model of a Map, Compass, and Guide to illustrate various tools.

What do you want for the future?


A robust strategy?

Some valid choices?

Relevant resource plans?

What tools can you use to create your solution?


How about Scenario Plans?

You could use Axes of Uncertainty.

What about Scanning Trends?

Now let's learn about this


Develop futures thinking as a habit.

Learn to read the future.

Get comfortable holding opposite ideas in your mind.

There is a model to move through this process

From identifying your preferred future,

Through learning and using the correct tools,

To developing a clear and relevant plan for your future.

Futures Keynotes

Choose from a series of keynotes about the future or have a message designed specifically for your audience's needs.

Online Courses

Learn futures literacy, futures thinking, and strategic foresight, at your own pace.

Workshops and Programmes

From Futures Literacy workshops to advanced strategic foresight programmes, public or in-house, online or in-person.

Futures Thinking Guide

Coaching for leaders and association executives who need to accelerate their learning to lead their teams.

What challenges are you facing at the moment?

How do we recover from COVID, or cope with the next global disruption?

How do we create a novel strategy or even a robust one?

How do we discover the next big opportunity, or perhaps create it ourselves?

Is it possible to read the future, to find new opportunities or potential hazards?

About Charlotte

Charlotte Kemp is a futurist, a speaker, an author, a podcaster and an association executive. She is the current Deputy President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

She lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa with her family, but in non-global pandemic times, loves traveling and spends 2 months of every year living in a different country.

Charlotte is a bit of an association nerd and loves how individuals come together to co-create opportunities for their industry helping to define and craft the future of that industry, together.


Charlotte was a keynote speaker at our Annual conference in September 2019. She truly inspired our industry to be proactive and plan for the future workplace and supporting the employees through disruption. I would recommend her to all wanting to be future focused and aspirational.

Radhi Vandayar

President of EAPA, Employee Assistance Professionals Association - SA (EAPA-SA)

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