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These presentations can be tailored for your audience’s needs or we can prepare something unique.

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... to join us for these open conversational webinars where we will discuss, unpack and discover how to apply many of the futures thinking / strategic foresight models that are available for us. We are not victims of the future. We can co-create our shared futures, and these keynotes and webinars will show you how.

While the topics may sound intimidating, all of the material is designed to be accessible without any additional studies. Examples are provided to demonstrate how to apply these to different levels of complexity such as to your own career, your family, your organisation or even to city or country levels.

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The Next Public Events

How to Think Like a Futurist

5 futures tools for 5 modern problems

19 May 2022 / 9 am - Noon SAST

How to Think Like a Futurist

We cannot delegate our critical thinking to others. Learn some models to start to think like a futurist. Make better choices. think more clearly. Discover new approaches.

We are all natural futurists, but as with anything worthwhile, we can become better if we put some attention and focus on developing this professional development skill.

This workshop will help you develop: - Your critical thinking skills
- Your creativity, curiosity and imagination
- Your collaborative and inter-personal skills
- Your leadership insights
- Your professional development skills
- Your futures literacy

Learn LinkedIn for Branding, Positioning and Lead Generation

17 May 2022 / 9 am – 3.30 pm SAST

Learn LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most effective tool for branding, positioning and lead generation and yet most people only scratch the surface of what is available even on the free version of LinkedIn.

Designed specifically for business use, LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your expertise, explain your solutions, reach new potential markets and nurture business relationships.

Past Events

Exponential Leadership for Exponential Times

Exponential Leadership for Exponential Times

Our exposure to exponential graphs can be plotted on an exponential graph. The change of pace in the world has and continues to escalate and our old models of thinking, decision making, planning and leadership no longer work. We must discard old models and seek and embrace new thinking to cope with the world we are in now and the world that is changing around us.

Without a change of thinking about leadership, we run the risk of effectively leading our teams and companies into ruin.

Linear, local thinking has no place in a quantum, global world.

Futures Literacy

The Professional Development Skill we are Missing

Futures Literacy Missing Professional Development Skill

For professionals and leaders who need to constantly develop their professional skills, Futures Literacy is an essential but often neglected field. Within the field of Futures Thinking or Strategic Foresight, this skill is the introduction to a powerful world of insight, models and approaches that can help you to steer your organisation through crises to success.

If we do not understand the alphabet or the language of a country or a profession, then we cannot communicate clearly in that space. We are unable to read the signs, heed the warnings, see the opportunities. We are illiterate and vulnerable.​

Fads, Trends and the Meaning of Life

Fads, Trends and the Meaning of Life

Everyone is talking about them. Websites spread fear about their consequences. Businesses reel in anxiety in response to them.

There are thousands of trends and hundreds of thousands of fads. How do you start? What do you pay attention to? Must you get on the bandwagon early or lose out entirely?

How do these fads and trends actually influence your life and business? Will you become bankrupt if you miss one? Which one?

Taboo or Not Taboo

Developing Values for the Future

Taboo or Not Taboo - Developing Values for the Future

Conversations that would have been taboo a few years ago are now common dinner chats. At the same time we are becoming more aware of the insensitivities of our language, actions and even pronoun use.

Its not technology or geo-politics or media that causes the most stress as we move into the future. Our discomfort comes from unaligned values and the rapid and often incomprehensible change in values that creates the most problems and concerns.

Reinvention for Business Survival

Not only a personal skill set

Reinvention for Business Survival

Irrelevant. Outdated. Old fashioned. These are judgments made not only about too many professionals’ experience but also about companies, associations, products and services. The global pandemic has taught us that we have to be able to reinvent ourselves and our organisations to have any hope of success beyond survival.

In a fast paced, VUCA world, we need to be on constant guard that what we are offering the marketplace is resilient, robust, anti-fragile, innovative and essentially relevant. This cannot be fixed by adding a new product line or taking a new course. We have to have a mindset of constant growth and development, constant learning, and lose our attachment to old ways of defining ourselves and our organisations.

Developing a calm mind in a VUCA world

Learn to read the signs, signals and symbols of the future

Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous. Never before has this description applied as appropriately to the world as it does today.

How do we as leaders and citizens, maintain a calm, logical, resourceful mindset in the midst of what often seems to be a chaotic world. How do we set goals, makes plans, formulate strategy in a chaotic, unpredictable world?

Become the Conscious Futurist that the World Needs Now

Conscious Futurist Charlotte Kemp Keynote Futures

It is no longer enough to be a conscious leader. As we approach the third decade of the 21st Century, completely unprepared for the global disruption we have experienced, we need to be more than just invested leaders. We need to be more than responsible consumers. We need to become conscious futurists.

We have the opportunity to shape our lives, businesses and world, into something that is better than it was. Being a Conscious Futurist means you grasp the challenge to go beyond the obvious to design a better future.

We can move up a spiral from levels of Survival, through Responsible and Invested to being Conscious Futurist and more.

Prophylactic Philosophy

Prophylactic Philosophy - Preparing for the Future

Do you know those people who have a huge mid-life crisis. They are the ones who make major life changes when they hit 40 or 50 or 60. They buy a new sport car, grow their hair long, find a new partner. A little cynical perhaps, but when we are suddenly confronted with a birthday that ends in a zero, or a health crisis, or a global lock down order, we often over react.

We say that we had a huge ‘wake-up call’. What we really mean is that we are forced to stop frantically pursuing the goals we often acquired without thinking and we emerge from a spiritual slumber. But if our systems are not accustomed to large doses of philosophical reflection, then we tend to over react and make extreme decisions that we then later regret.