Nostalgia Narrative

We recognise the past, but we cannot be defined by it

The story we tell

Any good futures strategy starts with a healthy respect for the past. But that respect is only healthy and helpful, if we see the past clearly and not through rose-tinted glasses.

It is easy for people to idealise the past when faced with uncertain or potentially threatening futures. A little nostalgia is natural on occasions, and a comfort to those coping with loss, but too much yearning for a past that never was, is very dangerous for future developments.

Our Nostalgia Narrative is the story we tell about the past and it informs the story we will tell about the future, and determines whether we will succeed or fail.



Real Value

Why we tell stories

Narratives help us understand and communicating valuable information and group values. They are important tools but we need to understand the impact of what we talk about. 

Unpack your narrative

Unpacking the story you tell about your own life or  your organisation, is essential to understanding why we encounter problems or why change initiatives do not always work.

The story of the past

If you are trying to work with a group to move them into a futures plan, you must understand if and why they retreat to a nostalgia narrative.

Tell a new story

New narratives need to be crafted to replace old ones that no longer serve us.