Counter Trend Trend

Develop your unique contribution to the future

A unique market

One of the issues that stresses people the most about the future, is when they see developments in a direction that does not engage with their values.

While it is possible to challenge some of those directions, another way to approach a trend you don’t like, is to find the counter trend. For every action, there is an opposite, if not equal, at least substantial reaction within which you can find your niche. You can design products, offer services, nurture relationships and make a good living from embracing the Counter Trend.

We will explore how to identify the main trends, how to gauge your reaction to them and then how to uncover, craft or invent ways to bring the counter trend to life.

Find Real Markets

Know what you are dealing with

Separate out the Fads and Bubbles from the Trends, and then identify Counter Trends

Understand the Drivers of Change

External drivers cause inbound change. Knowing what they are and scanning for their influence, gives us the opportunity to find new niches.

Determine your value and values

Understanding what you want to offer as a product or service, is not just a good business exercise, but helps you to work out whether you are marketing with or against the prevailing trends.

Nurture your tribe

Whether you are looking for subscribers, a tribe of followers, or a closer kindred audience, you can find sufficient market to embrace your counter trend solution.