What is a Conscious Futurist?

We are all natural futurists. But with a little attention, we can become better at anticipating and preparing for the future. And with a little more intention, we can become more conscious futurists.

A conscious futurist makes decisions and influences the future for the benefit of more than their own small interests. A conscious futurist is someone who wants to make a positive change in society, create a sustainable development or leave a valuable legacy.

Using a set of tools and models, anyone can become more confident about making better decisions for the future. It should not be a time of uncertainty and anxiety, but rather we should look to the future as something co-created and full of potential and realised plans.

The Conscious Futurist model moves people from the bottom of a spiral from Survival, through Responsible and Invested stages to Conscious, and beyond. As a model it is useful to help teams see how much more influence they could have in the world and on the future, and see ways to start moving into that space.

Conscious Futurist model