Professional Speaker

Charlotte Kemp is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) as well as the association’s current President Elect (2020/2021). She has served as Chapter President for the Cape Chapter and chartered the Virtual Chapter for the same association. Under her membership program, PSASA’s membership grew 45% in one year, the first time the association had experienced significant membership growth in 5 years.

In 2019 Charlotte was awarded the PSASA’s highest honour, the Stef du Plessis Founders Award.

Charlotte has also served on the Board of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), is a member of the Virtual Speakers Association International (VSAI) and is a past Toastmaster.

In terms of serving the business events industry, Charlotte also represents PSASA on the South African Events Council, looking for ways to respond to the crisis of the industry in lock down in response to the COVID pandemic.


Having completed her book, Futures Alchemist, in 2019, Charlotte became a professional member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). She has studied with the Kedge Futures School as well as done some futures studies with Stellenbosch Business School.

As a futurist, Charlotte’s work focused on giving people the tools to read the future, access to usable tools to define and craft the future, and the confidence to pursue plans to influence the future.

Association Executive

Charlotte has served in many senior roles in associations and non-profits and is committed to supporting these types of organisations to serve their purposes. She also hosts a podcast focussed on associations, called Futures Facets – the Associations Edition

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